Whilst the primary use for Mercia is as a marina, a key objective has always been “to maximise the wildlife value and habitat diversity … through targeted management [and a] commitment to establishing and improving habitats in non-operational areas that will encourage wildlife and enhance the local area.”

(The Wildlife Management Plan)

Usually, with commercial development projects, landscaping is an afterthought and with little or no planning for the encouragement of natural wildlife. So we are fortunate to have a 76-acre site where ‘the management’ care strongly about its environmental health. The surveys undertaken before the Marina was built found poor soil, poor grass, some trees, a few frogs, trout from the stocked fishing ponds, some common bird species nesting within hedgerows and water birds such as mallard, coot, moorhen, mute swan and heron. In other words – not much! Looking around now, it’s hard to believe it’s the same site.

On this site, you will discover the History of the Marina, the Wildlife Management Plan and Annual Reports, picture galleries, events and projects focussed on the plant and animal life, and the results of the surveys we conduct. You’ll find updates within the different categories in the menus on the page but if you would like a composite overview of everything that’s happening by date order (the blog string!) then click ‘Latest News’.

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Photographs: All wildlife photographs on the site have been taken on the Marina by various members of the community. We would be delighted to receive photographs to add (with information on exactly when and where and by whom the shot was taken).