Ladybirds at Mercia

There are 46 species of ladybirds in the UK but the marina habitat makes it unlikely that a number of these species will be seen. March, April and May has them populating all the bushes and shrubs – or so it seemed in 2012. Now – in June – it’s more likely to be the larvae that are seen.

To identify a ladybird species, note the spots, size, basic colour, pattern colour, pronotum, leg colour and habitat. And many species have a melanic form and fused spots. So it’s not easy to know the species unless you have some experience!

We have seen a number of species – 2 spot, 7 spot, cream spot and, of course, the Harequins in their many different guises.

The Gallery has some photographs from June 2012.


26. June 2012 by Jo
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