Mercia Bat Report 2012

In 2012, Mercia Marina invited members of the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group to undertake surveys of bat activity. A survey of the Marina’s bat activity was done before the construction work started; a common pipistrelle was the only bat recorded at that time.  The .pdf Report below provides a summary of the information generated during the 2012 surveys (five years after the original survey) and has been prepared solely to inform members of Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group and Mercia Marina of the scope of work undertaken and the key findings of the study. There is a significant difference in bat activity and, of the 11 bat species found in Derbyshire, 7 of them have now been recorded at the Marina. Volunteers from the Marina joined the evening/night surveys and learned a lot in the process. Our thanks to Steve Roe for all his hard work.
Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group were not commissioned by Mercia Marina to undertake this study and the opinions expressed in the report are those of the report’s authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of either Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group or Mercia Marina. Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group accepts no responsibility for the consequences of this document being used for any purpose other than the purposes for which it was prepared.

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Bat Report 2012

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