Pruning and Lopping on the Trent & Mersey Towpath


The Mercia Marina volunteer group were very lucky to have two clear dry days, a couple of weeks apart to go along our adopted section of canal between bridge 22 and Willington. Armed with thick gloves, loppers and secateurs we tackled long brambles and nettles that protruded from the hedge line (or flickers as they are known). The prunings were then put back into the hedges to decompose.

We then started reaching trees with low branches that would be in the way of walkers and cyclists when the leaves were laden with rainwater.  Working in pairs and groups we held on to the branches to stabilise them while one person used extendable loppers to prune them back. Again the lopped branches were chopped up and put over the hedges on used to fill gaps in the hedges. By the time we finished on the second outing there was a a clearance of about 2.5 meters. It was satisfyingly  hard work and we were pleased with the results.

Thanks to all the volunteers.



25. September 2012 by Jules
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