The Jubilee Wood Part II

Following the sapling plantings in March 2012, the second set of saplings were put in on the 24th of February. Not the best day perhaps – the chill factor was noticeable so the Volunteers kept moving! The cherry, rowan and silver birch saplings, having been kept safe over the winter months, were transferred to either side of the Marina entrance in South Field. But not close enough to the Trent & Mersey to block the eyeline of boaters heading in or out!

A good group of Volunteers joined with Jules and David Boddy and the work was done with maximum efficiency. Each sapling was put in with a cane and spiral plastic tree guard. The tree guards are made from 100% recycled plastic, protect the young saplings from rabbits and can expand as the tree grows. With the Marina’s programme of works on the estate, the guards will be removed when no longer needed.

24. February 2013 by Voyager
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