Wetlands Bird Survey February 2013


John Barefoot came to do the survey in February. It was a cold raw day and we wouldn’t have been surprised if the birds had been huddled up in a cosy corner somewhere. But in the event the usual species were seen and counted. There were plenty of Canada Geese, Moorhen and Mallard and quite a few Tufted Duck. There were the Mute Swans, Black Headed Gulls and, on the pond in South Field, two Gadwall. 

A Kingfisher put in two appearances as well – down on X pontoon and then at the Marina entrance near the canal. There are three Kingfishers known to come into the Marina, but we believed on this occasion that is was the same bird. They are a delight to spot – a flash of electric blue which lifts the spirits dramatically!

Non-Wetland Bird species counted produced nothing particularly out of the ordinary, though there were two Lesser Redpolls settled into feeding which presented an excellent phot0-opportunity!

Lesser Redpoll (photographed by Jo)


22. February 2013 by Voyager
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